Questions about the LQD3000 AIC

1 - I assume I need PCIe bifurcation to be able to use this card, yes? It’s not like it has hardware RAID built in… Does it?

2 - how do I figure out if my mobo (Asus X470-F Gaming) supports said bifurcation? I’m kinda leaning towards it might not and admittedly, haven’t even (re)visitied the manual yet.

It has a hardware plx built in but the raid is up to you.

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Thank you @wendell . Appreciate the response.
I picked one up from a seller near(ish) me and I’m so pumped.

Worst drive has ~175TBW and best has ~50TBW. Obv used in a server but by my (complete) guess, I think there’s TONS of life left on them. Powered on for 8,500 hours (about 1 yr).

I’m thinking of partitioning each into 2 partitions so I can run 2 ultra-fast (4x RAID 0) scratch disks for ML/AI work. One I’d set up and use in Windows and the other in Linux… likely Clear Linux. Does that make any sense or am I dumb?

Actually maybe 4 partitions each. So I can test if it’s faster to boot off the LQD and use my other NVME/SATA as scratch (970 EVO Plus / other old SSDs) or vv. Unless anyone here has tested on similar workloads and can definitively tell me the answer!

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