Questions about real world performance of NVMe PCIe SSDs vs SATA 6 SSDs

As the title states, but a real world performance for content creation, I've been eyeballing the Intel 750 like crazy, but debating the cost difference over an 850 Pro (or Evo), that is, is the insane speed of the 750, that noticeable when I am creating motion graphics or working with large video files. I can't find anything but people doing "real world performance" with only gaming or typical end user net browsing. It's that or synthetic benchmarks, which I couldn't give two damns about. I want to know the meat and bones value of what these drives offer to content creators.

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Hi, this is mostly marketing but the interesting part starts at 21 minute mark

Nvme drives are more suitable for different stuff (running multiple virtual machines,cache for storage pools etc) but sadly 750 has much lower endurance than
P3000 series

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That is real interesting. I decided to invest in a current gen 850 Evo for now, to keep my costs low, but going to keep an eye out on NVMe nonsense, it's the future, just costly per GB. And I heard that about the 750 vs the P3k.