Questions about Nvidia NIS and using a X1 lane on a laptop with a GT730

I have just seen this video

I have a GT730 2GB with GDDR5. Can I use NIS in linux?

I use a Lenovo X230T and I have a GDC EXP 7 or 8. I need a new cable for it and I was looking at getting the expresscard one. This would mean my lane hookup would only be a x1 connection. I had a cable attached to the wifi slot but as I am currently homeless I kinda need the wifi card for work.

I know that a X2 lane will handle bidirectional a lot better duh as theres a lane for forward and back, but will NIS cut the traffic down enough to make performance better? I am only using a 1366x768 display, so its not like I would have anything amazing to display on. And an external display flatass is NOT an option. Its actually a pain in my ass that I have all my shit for a GPU in a bag that can’t close, including a 750 watt modular power supply and all the trimmings needed for the cards to work, plus the cards I want to use in a box stuffed underneath everything.

Thanks for any info

Also, 730 VS 1030… Woudl that be a huge upgrade in this sorta config? Would a 4GB 745? I am an AMD nut for GPU’s since the 300 series and working on the amdgpu driver, but I am coming out of my camp since I don’t have any options