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Is fx 6300 a good cpu? How loud is it on full load, compared to other CPUs like i5 3570? Is it good for gaming and daily usage? Also, is it good for multitasking, and competitive against the i5?  Do I need to go for the fx 8300 instead? I've heard that it is pretty good, and I want

a quiet system.

I've never heard any CPU make any noise. It's just a collection of tightly packed transistors and other electronic devices, it doesn't make any noise.

What makes noise in a computer are fans, pumps and mechanical hard drives.

If you want a silent computer, you have to invest in a silence optimised computer case, silent fans, a silent power supply, if you're liquid cooling a silent pump and silent reservoir and solid state drives instead of mechanical hard drives. If you have little system heat to dissipate, the investment in silent cooling gear will not be that high (althoug a silent power supply does cost a little money), if you have a lot of system heat coming from your components, you will have to invest exponentially more.

The i5 is 77 W TDP, the FX6300 is 95 W TDP, but is a bigger silicon, both will require about the same cooling, however, the i5-3570k is more powerful than the FX6300, you'll have to overclock the FX6300 to get even near the performance of the i5-3570k at stock speeds. A Noctua NH-D14 is very quiet, and can cool an absurdly overclocked FX6300 very well, but it's also expensive. If your budget is fixed, and you value silence, you might want to look at the FX6300 and the NH-D14 with some silent case fans by Noctua or BeQuiet and a silent power supply by BeSilent for instance, for about the same budget as the i5-3570 with loud and crappy stock cooler and louder power supply. The buget is the first factor in any build.

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