Questions about 1440p Korean monitors

I'm getting utterly sick of my Syncmaster B2330, and I want to pull the trigger on a 1440p monitor soon. However, I  have a couple of questions before I do.

1) Since I have a 560ti (upgrading by Christmas), I need to know if I can play games in 1080p on a 1440p monitor. I heard somewhere that cheap korean models had issues with that. I normally play low demand games (garry's mod, BF2 PR, other Source games) but I do plan on playing BF4, which I probably couldn't run at 1440p.

2) Which monitor should I get? I'm debating between these.

The Crossover has 6 ms vs 8ms on the QNIX, and an AH-IPS instead of PLS. Which panel is better image wise, and is 2 ms really that big of a difference? The QNIX has more reviews so I feel a bit more confident about it.

EDIT: I forgot to ask if anyone knows about the Crossover's overcloking ability. Does anyone know if it can get 96hz?

Thanks in advance :D

I would take a look at the X star that logan reviewed it looks like it is probably the best option around $300 

I've had good things from the X-star. (owner here) It's really nice. I'm not sure what you mean about 1440p vs. 1080p issues but all it does is the game is rendered in 1080p and put on a 1440p screen. It's looks a little uglier because you're now playing on something non-native and blown up to 27'in.

What card to you plan to upgrade to? 1440 is demanding and for demanding games, yes i would bump that 650ti up a notch.

The issue I heard about is that the monitor couldn't scale the resolutions down. Maybe that was just a mis interpretation on my part.

I plan on upgrading to one of the new AMD cards or I might wait till maxwell. Maybe even a 7970 that I could X fire later. I'll also take a look at x-star as well.

Since i cracked my graphics driver to allow my OC the resolution change it different for me. the 1920x1080 becomes a box in the center of the 2560x1440 space with black bars on the outside. But before that i was able to (like any one else) scale it down.

Here's my example- Are you using 1080p? Go into you screen resolution and drop it from 1080p to 720p what do you notice? That what it's kind of like playing 1080p on a 1440 screen.

Alright, I thought I would get black bars if I tried to play games at 1080p on it. Thanks for the info :)

I have a qnix and it easily oc's to 96hz with no artifacts. It can handle 120hz, but it has the occasional artifact

Head over here:

I really did like the X-Star. 

Alright, should I get a "Perfect Pixel" Xstar for 307$ from dream-seller, or one with a 1 year warranty for 320$?

that's a tough question. I'd say go with what you feel is better for your needs. if you have kids or cats (linus refference) i'd go fo rhte warranty. But in my case It's just sitting on my desk against the wall I went for the pixel perfect.

Good points, I'll probably order the pixel perfect xstar next week since I won't be moving/punching it much. Thanks for the advice everyone :)

I just found this interesting, according to dream seller the QNIX is identical to the X-star.

"DP2710 = QX2710 with all the conditions are the same product."

So I guess whichever is cheaper is the better option ;)