Logan (or Wendell) I am currently a console gamer and am wanting to switch to the PC world, but I don't know where to start. Should I start off with something simple like an APU based system or should I go for a little more such as an A10 6800K or some other AMD 6 or 8 core, mid-range graphics card and what not? Would be appreciated to get an answer, but I have no hope you will or that a monkey assassin will take me out in the next day or two.

Well, I'm not Logan or Wendell, but I would advise you to set aside about $500-$600 for a gaming PC. That will get you a nice, balanced system with an AMD quad or six core, and a discrete GPU that can stand up against the new consoles coming out later this year. I would also advise you to wait until later this year to do your build, AMD is scheduled to bring out some new hardware this fall, which means you may be able to build a better system for the same amount of money.

Gives me an idea thanks!

Also, make sure to post your build on the forum, so we can go over it.

Will do

What section of the forum?

Please move this thread back to Build a PC. Posty our build log, hopefully, to the build log forum that will be (maybe possibly) coming soon, if not, blog posts are great for it.