Question: Why can't you search laptops by GPU?

I have an interest in getting a new laptop right now, as some of you may know. But I have a basic question… Why can’t I search laptops that are for sale by their GPU in a general list?

I have an express interest in getting a Ryzen based laptop, and if it has a Vega or an RX 570/580 even better. Why can’t I just search for a Vega 8/10/12/16? Why can’t I search for graphics series through a whole set of laptops, rather than having to search multiple different definitions of laptops? Specifically, this HP is a good example.

Its a 2 in 1 convertible with a Zen 2500U and a Vega 8. Cool. But its not under 2 in 1’s in the Newegg search, its not under gaming laptops obviously, I have to search for that machine specifically to find it. And maybe because it JUST came out, but I mean COME ON why is this so hard?!

PCPartPicker used to have a laptop search, but looking now they removed it for some retarded reason. In THAT I could have searched by GPU! But no! On Amazon and Newegg I can search by GPU, but I can’t search by a block. If I seach “Home Laptops” on Amazon, I get “Intel 620” “Intel Pro 6300” and related bullshit. If I search 2 in 1’s on Newegg I don’t see that Vega 8 HP above, I see RX 530, R7 460, similar bullshit…

If someone wants to make a useful website, make a search engine for laptops by specific parts that lists available machines with the part that you start with, then narrows down. Don’t screw around with this “oh well hidden muhsheens heehee” bullshit I will slap you to death.

Fuckin hell, rant over.

I want to know what you’re actually searching on newegg.
“2-in-1” returns that laptop in the first row
“vega 8” returns that laptop in the first row
“vega 8 laptop” returns that laptop first row
“2-in-1 vega 8” returns that laptop in the first row
“hp 2-in-1” returns that laptop in the first row
And so on.
I think the problem here is located between chair and keyboard

PEBCAC? Really?
You could have said sites tailor search terms for the lowest common denominator, and that anyone searching for laptops by GPU are a niche within a niche

See thats great right now, but I mean the side bar. I can’t go to 2 in 1’s and use the side bar to select vega 8. That doesn’t matter now withbonly 1 machine, maybe 2, but I mean the fact that I can’t use that search as a general sku for vega 8 10 and I think like 12 driwes me nuts. Did they remove it?

Well now I’m just annoyed. Not only can you find it in the hardware search, their GPU choices for group search aren’t up to date and their price listing is basically dead.


Such a bummer they never kept it up to date. In the quick Google search I just made, I couldn’t find any information about why it’s currently not kept up to date. My guess is that they rely on users to submit new laptops to the moderators for approval and no one has maintained it.

Most of the time though when I’m looking for a laptop for either myself or someone I know I just go Dell. It’s hard to beat anything Dell offers and their customer support/warranty is great.

Any particular reason you’re going for Vega 8 vs other GPUs?

A: I don’t like nvidia and if I can stay away from funding the anti-competitive monopoly, great. And If I do go with nvidia, I am gunning on it and going as high as possible (look in the lounge I have a poll up).

B: AMDGPU was my baby for a few months, so if I can take up a new series of chips on a platform I want to play with anyways, yay.

C: Its a lot better than the other AMD or Intel options. And cheaper over all.

I play TF2 and Slime Rancher, I’m not the most demanding gamer out there. But the compute performance is top notch on vega, even on the 8 and 10 chips.

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I can understand that. Like you said, it’s entirely possible that’s it’s simply because they’re just releasing. My apologies if I came off offensive in my original post, it wasn’t meant to appear that way.

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Meh, its fine.

Still annoyed, but I have made my decisions. I have made a poll in the lounge and I invite you to vote.

That’s because none of those actually exist as stand alone GPUs.

The 2500U has Vega 8. The 2700U has Vega 10.

Apart from those there are no other laptops with Vega GPUs.

Ok then why aren’t those APU’s listed either? Because they’re just new?

Thats rhetorical, I’m just annoyed by it.