Question(s) in regards to X370 Taichi

I want to do passthrough for a dual gaming rig (when a friend comes over etc). Using R7 1700, X370 Taichi, 3200MHZ GSkill Flare X memory (16GB), a tbd VEGA card, my current Gigabyte 280X Windforce Rev 2.0, and my ancient GTX560 Reference. Im running 2 SSDs and one HDD (All SATA).

I was hoping to use an old gpu (Geforce GTX 560 Blower style) in the PCI-E 2.0 x16 (PCIE5) slot to use for the host, could anyone tell me whether the Taichi allows booting from PCI-E slot 5?

Also, which USB can be passed through? Would ACS patch give me more options? Also planning to add a PCI-E USB card in the slot above the top GPU.

I want to overclock the VEGA card and the CPU and memory. Do you think I’ll be okay with my current PSU? (Superflower Leadex Gold 1000W)

Anything else I should be aware of (next to NPT patch and the software @gnif is working on)?

Thanks everyone. Hoping to ditch native windows for good!

Well, if you find out please let me know.
I’m thinking of buying the same motherboard for the same task.
If you’re having problems I might end up with ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4 instead.
But I hope I can go with the Taichi as its VRMs are far better and I know that it supports a lot of features I want.

Will let you know but unfortunately it’s going to be a while till I have physical access to my rig.

Well, I ended up buying it and I’m waiting on the motherboard to show up in my mail.
Still don’t have a GPU number 2 to allow me to run both host and guest at once with graphics.
But I’ll get there later when I can afford it. =)

Also found a thread on there that seems to indicate that the motherboard will handle the task just fine.
The IOMMU issues are apparently fixes for devices connected through PCI-e lanes directly to the CPU.
But sharing ethernet with the guest might still be a issue if I understood things correctly.