Question rx 480 or 390x msi

what ones better and why can get the 390x for 410 canadian

how much is the 480 in canada?

I think 250ish for refrence

personally i'd go with the 480 it's not very far behind the 390x and your room will stay a lot cooler, the 390x is a furnace.

heats not an issue as I have an air conditioner

390x if you want more compute power, especially at 1440p, but only if you get a fair price in Canada.

well depending on your power supply wattage with the 480 you could grab a second later whereas with the 390x you'd probably need a new power supply. dual 480 system would only need 650w dual 390x system would need like 900w

Well, with the Vega launch moved up to October (according to a couple articles I read) you might be better off just waiting until then.

I do wanna run 2x cards I have a 850 80+ gold psu

what's a Vega?

410 canadian I can get a 390x for and I'm looking at 1440 p not 4k to poor

fair enough. There's more updated architecture within the 480 as well like a discard accelerator which makes it run nvidia gameworks affects with minimal performance hit. If none of the points I've made appeal to you then get the 390x.

Vega is the codename for AMD's higher end GPUs coming out in October as opposed to Polaris which is the generation comprised of the rx480 and lesser cards.

None of those rumors were ever substantiated.

Vega won't be around until 2017.

At OP. I think it makes more sense to look at the R9 390 rather than the 390X. The 390 is only a bit behind the 390X and slightly faster than 480. They usually can be found for much cheaper as well.

However, if you can find a 480 for the same price as a 390 or a little more it is the better choice.

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Ah ok then. Thanks for clearing that up.

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I just have a 380 2gb and I feel is lacking alot

Well a 390/480 is a massive step up over the 380. In some titles (because of VRAM limitations on the 380) you'll be seeing probably double or even more performance. Others will be less of course but a 480/390 will be a massive boost for you.

If it's 1440p then you're better off with 390x then, the power consumption on Grenada chip isn't that bad anyway, I'm looking at a MSI Gaming version and it's only 208watts, fary cry from my 290x which is 275watts at a measly 1050Mhz (more if I try to match the 1100Mhz of most 390x that comes factory default).

so is a 850 enough for xfire?

Yeah that should be plenty (unless you're running a ton of drives and extreme overclocks)