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(Question) Raid 1/Mirror Android Internal Storage + Micro SD Card?



I want to mirror my micro SD card and my internal storage of my Android phone, as a form of redundancy (obviously not real-time, more of a once-a-day thing), in case my internal storage ever gets corrupt (ex. can no longer boot, but the data is fine). I’ve tried looking for programs which can do it, but nothing appears to do so.

Preferably the app be open source (from f-droid, Github, etc), but if it is on the Google Play Store, that is fine.

Mirroring app data (with and without root, if possible) would also be amazing



Android doesnt support what your asking. You closest bet is to just reboot into recovery once a night and just do a backup to the microsd card


Is there no Android apps which allow you to copy files from one location, and place them onto the micro SD card, all in the background? Is Androids security stopping that?


Without root access, you can’t make changes to any part of the data partition outside of internal storage and that’s only because internal storage gets symlinked to a directory on /sdcard during init.

If you really wanted to you could use an app called Tasker to accomplish this. I believe Titanium Backup will work along with it. Don’t quote me on that. As for setting it up, I have no idea.

You’re better off doing backups through TWRP to the card and even then, I wouldn’t trust them. I’d buy an external adapter and a flash drive and do it to that device instead in case something crappy happens and storage gets wiped… Because ultimately its still getting saved to an instance of internal media.


So I would need to do either what @Dje4321 suggested, or root my device and use Tasker/Titanium Backup?


Yes. You would