Question - Petty, it's about PowerToys keyboard shortcuts and making explorer open specific location

Hello All!

I wonder if anyone had a method to do this.

I’ve used PowerToys to map a completely unused button to open an explorer window (Win+E), but it would be really nice to have it open an explorer window and a specific directory. I tried putting things like this in the ‘target app’ box, but it hasn’t work - it also seems to lower case everything, in case that’s important.

%SYSTEMROOT%\explorer.exe /e,C:\place-i-would-like-to-open
explorer.exe "C:\place-i-would-like-to-open"
C:\Windows\explorer.exe /n, /e, C:\

Do you think that’s possible? If it helps to know, it’s actually the results of a shortcut I’d like to view.



i interpret Target app to mean remap this shortcut inside this application as in, to scope it to a specific app and not make it a global keyboard hook, does that make sense?


i think you want something like Autohotkey, it’ll trigger an arbitrary macro when you press a button on the keyboard, including your explorer.exe /c... args


Oh I see, I read it wrong. I understand what it means now - thanks! :+1:

Thank you for that, I’ll try to use it, had previously never heard of it…I’ll give it a go and see how I get on! :+1:

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good luck man i think you got it

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did you sort out your macro thingy?