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Question on KVM DP1.4

Hi just checked out the pre-order page of the 2 monitors KVM. Looks really good!

Currently I have a desktop 2080 TI with 3 display ports, running 2 separate DP cable to 2 monitors (4k native 120hz + 1440p 60hz, both have 1x 1.4 DP, 1x 2.0 HDMI).

I have another work laptop Quadro P2000 with HDMI/2xTB3(seems this 2 are linked intel iGPU) /mini-display ports, hdmi/mini dp ports into the same 2 monitors.

What adapters/cable for the hdmi/mini dp do you suggest for my work laptop for use with this 2 monitor kvm switch for the work laptop? And how will the switching be accomplished with kvm since both monitor right now needs to have the button pressed to switch between input.

Right now it is pretty awful to switch between 2 computer as I have press the button on the back of each monitor.

Thank you

Mini DP MST hub?

Could also do Tbolt hub

Will any of the DP -> HDMI and Mini DP -> DP (PC side) and 2x DP -> HDMI (kvm side to monitor) works with the new KVM DP 1.4 2 monitor version?