Question on a build

My friend is going to be building a gaming PC. Her budget is $800. The only thing the build had to have was a Fractal Design Define R4 w/ Window Titanium Grey. I don't blame her for picking a gorgeous case. 

She just wants you guys to take a look at her build and see if anything needs to be changed.

The theme of this build is Black on Black with accents of white and silver.


I'd say it seems like a really good budget build, I'm pretty sure the 7950 can run many games on ultra. And if you two decides to overclock it, you can get a lot more perfomance out of it. I'd say you should give it a go. 


I'd really like to see some pictures of the finished build, when that times comes!

Pretty solid build. 

The only thing i would change is the motherboard. The UD3 is prone to vrm overheating when overclocking so the UD5 shouldn't have that problem. I would've chosen the Asus 990FX pro but it was blue and wouldn't fit in the colour scheme.

Thanks for the great advice!

I will surely put up some pictures when the build is finished. She's going to order it on Cyber Monday like me so we ca get it for cheap... hopefully.

Ok thanks for the advice!

I switched out the RAM and the motherboard. She prefers the Mushkin black on white. I do plan to overclock the GPU and the CPU at some point for her. My build is actually identical to hers.

+1.  Good build for the budget.