Question for Phone App Programers

Okay, so I've been cultivating an idea for an app for a couple years. Its actually pretty awesome in my opinion, and no its not a game, its an actual useful app.

So what i'm looking for is either advice, or help in development. Its not going to be an easy app to make, but the rewards in theory are exponential. Seriously, i know i'm using a lot of buzz words but its right up there.

Also, how do i make sure someone who offers to help doesn't steal my idea?

Thanks in advance, Mark

1) Pay them actual money upfront. It is a job to make software, and hiring someone should be treated as such.

2) You're idea probably is not that unique, so don't think of it as a unicorn. It has probably been done in some form before, so try and find it, learn why that software succeeded or failed to do so, and learn from it.

3) NDA, or commonly known as a Non Disclosure Agreement. Here is the thing about it though: many software developers know that startups who use NDA's and don't talk about what the software actually is our does without it, are usually going to flop. Again, your idea is probably not that unique, so give your developers a general idea on what the app is so that they know the scale on which to develope. Keep your ace in the whole the NDA, which is what will set your software apart from the rest.

4) developing an app is expensive. Usually a few thousand on the cheap end for something simple, and exponentially higher depending on how complicated it is. If you don't have the capital, you are going to need funding.

EDIT: sorry for the poor grammar. Typed this from my phone.

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Thanks for the reply!

I completely understand the need to pay people, far too many times was i on 'work experience' for which the clients got a free product for travel expenses. Unfortunate this is prolific in most industries, its the new exploitation not to mention internships.

So, i have spent the last while looking to see whats been developing since i haven't been well enough or had enough money to do anything. From what i can tell there is still nothing like it on the market, if there is their marketing is terrible! Its been five years and i can see a few things naturally progressing into it but its not their end goal.

Thanks for the advice on the NDA stuff, its quite hard since my idea hinges on one key thing So i'm not sure how i would use an NDA to my advantage.

Sounds like i'm going to have to find a finance, since it requires a lot of work, but then can be reused multiple times for other variants.

Anyhow, thanks for the help. I will now get back to my designs and go find a financier.

That is often the key difference between apps that make it big, and the countless others that don't is often focus. Knowing your focus, and simplifying as much as possible around that, will set you apart from most of the junk out there. That focus means niching down to a particular market, not trying to throw too many features/design into it, and so forth. Then just when you think you got it, take it one step further. You can always add features later if users request it. This means cost and time savings at launch.

Focus and simplicity.