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Question for Nextcloud Admins

Have you had a smooth Nextcloud upgrade?

I just tried upgrading from 11.0.1 => 11.0.2 and something got borked to where it said that it didn't have write access to the 3rdparty directory even though it did have write permissions for the www-data user and user group. Luckily, I download the 11.0.2 version and then did a restore from a backup, to the updated version. Seems to work just fine. Anyone else have a similar story?

Beginning from owncloud - now to nextcloud - best bet is to backup everything, purge die directory, than go and make a bare install of the new version - than copy your config and data back into that

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glad to see I'm not the only one! Took all fucking night to backup my data. -___-

You are not alone - either the two of us are missing something fundamential - or it still needs a lot of work befor it works smooth

how did you do the upgrade through the admin page or occ?

through the admin page

ok, i haven't done mine yet so i will bear that in mind. thanks

be sure to back everything up

back up the back up.

It has been smooth for me through the updater on 3 different Nextcloud servers. Just had to change permissions to the webroot before upgrading and reharden using a script.

When I was on owncloud I never had a smooth upgrade. Since moving to nextcloud it works flawlessly everyone though the webui. But yeah, back up everything just in case you need to roll back or anything like that.

I've never had a problem with NC upgrades. Just to make sure, did you set the permissions right?

Yeah I followed the guide on digital ocean and used the script on there to set permissions.

What do you use for that?

All in all so far the automataic never worked - complaining about the "stats" folder which is by the webserver, "error" folder which is by the webserver, .... yada yadda jadda ... so for me the only successfull way so far was the manual "occ upgrade" path.

I copied it from their documentation here. They also just released a vulnerability scanner on their site

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Yeah - scored an A+ =D

I got an A


What did it report as missing?

I believe Nextcloud is actively scanning people's instances for really bad vulnerabilities and reporting it to what ever local security service there is.
And here is what I believe to be their scanner:

the lead dev did a talk on jupiter broadcasting about it. they were looking at big companies deployments and found they were horribly insecure. so they made a tool to scan your own next cloud instance.