Question for everybody involed with TEK

What is the oldest memory you have that caused you to be passionate about your computer technology interests? Mine was my first experience with logo programming on an apple IIe. After using this in my school I knew I wanted to be involved with computers for the rest of my life and begged my parents for a computer they got us a ti-99. Years later I was in high school taking typing class with a typewriter. I found this very backwards compared to grade school (hehe). Anyone ever play tombstone city? :) excited to see the replies from you guys and gals. I always enjoy rekindling old memories and hearing or telling the stories behind them.

Mine would have to be Microsoft Flight Sim on I believe win 3.1 ? I was about 11 yrs old 

and i some what remember tombstone city .  When I was in Kindergarten our class got an Apple II though i was too young to care about pc's I was the only tyke in class that could run that green monochrome monster . Its nice to see someone close to my age that remembers our golden age of pc's.  commadore 64 !