Question - Daggerfall in HD?

I have a question, it came from watching this video:

Have you ever heard of someone reconstructing daggerfall to have HD textures like Skyrim. In addition to adding more complex spells, dungeons, physics, characters, and so on. If so I would buy it immediately. Please let me know if you have heard anything concerning this.



Now I have to start looking... that would be awesome. Also, I edited your subject so it wasn't just, "question". lol. 


Daggerfall is one of my favorite games of all time.

I remember when TES III came out, somebody mentioned on some forum they were working on a Daggerfall remake, don't know what happened of it, maybe somebody got overzealous with the construction kit, who knows, it'd be cool to see.

Also, I love watching those old videos just to hear that god damn beeping from the failing UPS, ah, I don't miss that crack house.

There are "mods" for some Elder Scrolls games being remade into Skyrim's engine. Right now they are doing Morrowind and it is alpha, and they apparently say they are going to make a Daggerfall remake. But is scheduled for 2023. 

Thank you, Logan did you hear that?

Yes and no, at least not yet. While people have managed to mod Morrowind into Oblivion and the like, Daggerfall is a bigger beast to tame. It is after all twice the size of Great Britain (even though most of the land is populated by exactly nothing). 

Someone named LuciusXL is remaking the Daggerfall engine from scratch for modern computers and has done so for many years. Modding tools and mods in general is one of the big features he really wants to put in and the community has created amazing content even before the engine reaches beta. They've remastered the entire Daggerfall soundtrack and redone a lot of textures.

Once XLEngine gets released (no one knows how long, it is soon in beta which would mean the game would be playable from start to end, it is a gigantic project for one man alone) you'll probably be able to play it in HD. However it probably won't look like Skyrim ever, unless someone makes it in some other custom engine and not as a mod in any of the other TES games which probably would be quite half-assed considering the engine limitations and that any of the other TES games are lacking certain things that cannot be made through the Construction Kit.

So wait out for DaggerXL. I'm convinced it'll be completely mindblowing to play Daggerfall in a new way. It won't bring amazing physics and it won't look like Skyrim, but it will be quite an improvement nontheless.

Take a look at some DaggerXL videos:

DaggerXL Menu

Some user created content. Look at their forums for more.