Question about windows account activation

Is it okay tho?

Thinking about getting some of those OEM keys. Is there a drawback?

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Win + R
slui.exe 04
United States
Call Phone Number
[OPTIONAL] Accept Text Message
Enter Installation ID
“How many computers have you installed this on?”: 1
Enter Confirmation ID
Save Confirmation ID
Activate Windows
Use Windows

this works 11 out of 10 times

So I didn’t realize windows 10 basically just wants… a windows key.

So now I need to know how this works. So I just used my key off my thinkpad to see what would happen. If it has the key burned in as you guys say, then with W10 registered on the thinkpad, does that register that key to windows 10 as well then? So I can just use a key as long as it comes from a machine that I have installed 10 to? That seems a little silly.

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Microsoft doesn’t care. They’re still letting people upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

They’re not the evil, vindictive, black bagging company everyone says they are. They’re just focused on Azure and want people to use Windows.

No I’m just confused about the key system with 10 is all. They used to be a bit harder to get along with BECAUSE of the keys.

The above steps have worked since Vista/7. They’ve gotten easier to deal with (I think) because people upgrade hardware and change computers so frequently.

I just have a lot of computers lol

If you try phone activation with an OEM key reply back with the result please and tag me?. I understood only retail keys could change hardware.
Would like to know how it goes.

I tried what you sent but it didn’t pop up? I used a windows 7 pro key off of a thinkpad and it worked.

ATM I’m investigating why W10 hates my mac pro

Its non transferrable. Needs a retail key to move between machines.


Preach :raised_hands:

My old ass dell came with w7 but I can’t read the damn license key on that mofo’s sticker. Is there a way to see if the motherboard still has that key?

/quick threadjack since we talkin windoes key here

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I’ve done this many, many times. They will always activate an OEM key, just tell them you upgraded your computer. Still only one computer per license, of course.

They never ask, its always a robot (for me anyway)

I’ve had it go to a human for a key I transferred six times, but yeah usually it’s an IVR.