Question about VPNs

Can I have a router connect directly to a VPN while also hosting VPN to get in from outside my local network?
If so, can it be done with DD-WRT or would I need something more powerful like pfsense, and where might I find some good guides on how to do this?

I want to add the VPN security layer while also hosting some development servers I can use from outside the local network. 


Use case 1: I am on my home network and want to get to my NAS, which is on the VPN network, from both a Smart TV on the non-VPN network and a PC on the VPN network at the same time.

Use case 2: I am at work and want to access a website being hosted on the non-VPN network, but do not want the VPN network to be publicly available if I can help it.

I can't tell you how to do it specifically but it should be possible.

You'll need to get the vpn client set up in dd-wrt or openwrt for whatever VPN you use, once you do that you'll have two gateways, your normal internet gateway and the vpn gateway. 

Now you'll need to set it up so all your internet traffic uses the vpn gateway, but for any publicly accessible services (like a VPN server) you'll need to set to use the normal internet gateway. I'm not sure how to do this in dd-wrt but it should be doable.

i haven't had much success yet with tunneling in when my VPN is active even with using a service like noip to give me a redirect to my public ip address.


my thought would be that you would need  a device on the network that is not being tunneled through the VPN service and i have yet to find a config i can use on my DD-WRT router that will allow me to pick only specific ip addreses the go through the VPN successfully yet.


Yes this is possible. As long as the VPN's are on different subnets. This will create less problems.