Question about two monitors

Ok so these two monitors are $70 apart

Now is this because one has HDMI and a 2ms response time while the other does not have HDMI and has a 5ms response time? Or am I missing something? My uncle needs a new monnitor because the one I just gave him was killed due to lightning and is not under warranty. He does not play games but I do so which monitor would you recommend out of those two?

What monitor are you currenty using? Are you considering giving your monitor to him? If so, a monitor with the lowest response time is always better.


Right now he has an old HP w1707

You can get him the cheapest one since response time won't be a thing in his case. Or if you want a new monitor, that'll be the different story then

No I don't need a new one. He does though. I gave him the extra one I had but like I said it just got zapped.

Ok, the 1st option would be the best then in terms of how much you're willing to spend. Response time is a needy preference for gamers