Question about the magnetic AC antenna included in Asus Z87 PRO


I've bought a Asus z87 PRO, and theres the lovely magnetic /twisty antenna included.
My question is: The magnetic field that the antenna have, will that be by any chance be harmful for any of my internal hardware ?  Example: If I place the antenna directly on the side of the pc ( at the right side by the cpu ), near HDD, or anything. In general is the magnets strong enough to do any harm to my pc ?

It will be fine as long as the magnet is a least 3 inches away from the hard drive. Every other component will probably safe. ASUS would of thought of this, they aren't idiots.

I just wanted to make sure, because I noticed the first place I chose for it was at t right side at the cpu.. like 1 inch away from the cpu.

The only thing that would ever be effected is is a Hard drive. And only if its very close to it. 

You'll be fine.