Question about Ryzen Chipsets (Numbering)

So X570, 470… A320 B350… I’m confused now.

I get that the chips can go on any of the boards as long as the boards’ bios had been updated… But why isn’t there an A420 A520, B450 B550, ETC? It seems a little odd to me to mix generations.

Or am I just ignorant to modern technology?

A320 - Absolute low end, mostly for OEM or your parents office box.

B350 - All the basics
B450 - All the basics, but 2nd Gen

X370 - AM4 penetrates the market (cheap high end)
X470 - Board makers acknowledge AMDs existance
X570 - PCIe Gen4 for home users, High-End Desktop platform

A320 exists on its own because it is meant to be cheap and only cheap.

B550 Would not make sense as the 3000-series is so high-end, you don’t need midrange. Take X470 as B550 replacement.

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I disagree…
B550 would make perfect sense. Actually good VRMs with PCIe 4 NVMe slot and PCIe 3 graphics, so to not overprice it.
You don’t need 300$ board for the 150$ processor… So a 100$ B550 board with limited PCIe 4 support may be just fine.


The PCB for PCIe4 may be too expensive.

That is why I said limited…
Graphics is still doing fine on PCIe 3, so only the m.2 could be fine…

To answer your question:
A - low end, office work, poor feature set, no OC.
B - average feature set, nothing impressive but generally well rounded, some OC.
X - high end full OC support, rich feature set.
The chipsets B and X themselves are about the same, so unless you need some super high end features B can be just fine.
300 is the first generation, 400 is polished second generation and 500 is the PCIe 4 supported latest generation.

I understand the gens and shit, I don’t understand why ewerything is either meh or expensive.

The B450 Tomahawk Max is a good mid range board for about $120 and supports 3rd Gen out of the box

120 seems pricey to me though. What happened to the 85 dollar range?

Course I’m used to older hardware, but even a few years ago it wasn’t a 100 dollar + req. At least to my memory. And maybe I’m just wrong about that too.

You are very much wrong about that.

There are still sub $100 boards they just aren’t that great.
I have used a few of these

About $80. Just make sure you don’t have anything too power hungry in there and have some decent airflow over your VRMs and you’ll be fine.

They were even worse a few years ago though


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Wanna fund me? Lol.

Sure. Here ya go. Double funded


Oh baby a triple.


Because back at Ryzen 1 AMD, company on the verge of bankruptcy, comes out with this amazing new technology, while slumbering in the last few years with nothing. The board partners have them.some support though, much better support than what was happening with the FM2/FM2+…
Back at 300 series boards everything was meh. There was the crazy TaiChi and the super high end Asus board and everything else was meh…
400 series comes out and sales price not to be so bad, so we now have some decent boards on the X470 platform. B450 with their up to 100$ pricing was just OK with nothing amazing. But now they know it sells. There is a reason to put an effort and charge for the effort… There are some good X470 boards, but they have the price tag to show for it…
Were you expecting cheap great boards? Did intel ever had cheap great boards? I kinda miss the logic here…

¨Cheap and great¨ is simply not really a thing.
In the end producing a motherboard costs money.
Price cuts for cheaper boards are most made in the connectivity and vrm department.

And yeah in my opinion cheap out on a motherboard is never really a good idea.
Unless there is truly no budget room.
But still i see it many often people buy a 3900X and the cheapest pile of shit,
motherboard they can find.
And that is never really a good idea in my opinion.

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No, but boards that aren’t old asrock quality and die in 3 months.

As has been my experience in the past.

I sense judgement on my cheap b350 board combined with high end at the time CPU… :stuck_out_tongue:

B450 boards are overal OK… Yeah, there are garbage B450, but there are also garbage 3 times more expensive X570, sooo…

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