Question about RAM

Right, so just amassing some cash to start ordering for this buid (By the way, hi, I'm new)

Anyway, I was just wondering if there are any significant benefits to having a single chip over dual channel as I'm given the choice of ordering either 2x4 Gb Mushkin Redline @ 1833mh/z for €69 or go for a singe 8GB for €75. 


Would like to know your thoughts, are there any advantages of going with the singe chip other than saving up space for future upgrades.


(Also, comments on build would be lovely, also would like some input for the cooling of the device)


depending on what you want, first of all, its allways better to buy 2 ramm sticks instead of 1 dual channel/ singel channel.

dualchannel just gives you more bandwidth so  better performance.

but ofc if you plan to buy youre setup now, and you plan to buy a second 8gb stick next month, than thats also a good option, but notice if you plan such like that, that you buy the same as you allready have so  not mix with speeds or diffrens  makes.

You ALWAYS want to shoot for dual channel (even number of sticks) as it offers much better performance. Although a single stick is usable, it is not anywhere near as good as two sticks.

Honestly, if you feel that you'll need 16gb in the future, go with 1x 8gb. 

You'll see a difference... but in benches only.

There's a drawback though. If you wait too long to upgrade with a second 8gb stick (like years?), it might be difficult to find a matching stick... But I don't know...

you totaly right. never wait to long with upgrading to second stick, cause its getting harder to get a matching one, as longer you wait. but if you want 16GB and only have the money for  8 then its a possibility to buy 1x8 now and a second one next month