Question about Raid

Do the hard drives need to have the same exact specs, or can it be a mixed amount of hard drives for raid 0?

If its hardware raid it will depend on the card if its software raid you can mix and match for raid 0.

i'm wanting to do hardware raid. I do have the ASUS M4A77D as my motherboard

What os are you using?

Why do you want raid 0?

If its for performance what application is it for?

Are you using a hardware controler or one thats built into the mobo (i.e. fake raid)?

Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit, I just want an overall faster loading times on a lot of my games. I will be using the hardware controller on my motherboard

There are 3 types of raid

Hardware Raid - Where you have a discrete Hardware Raid Controller.

Fake Raid - Built into the mobo its advertised as Hardware Raid but really its software on the bios

Software Raid - Where its software in the kernel like mdadm in linux

Personaly ive never been able to afford a hardware Raid controller but i have used both Fake and Software Raid on a few linux servers.

On the server they where all hp mobos and they supported Fake Raid 0 with diffrent size hdds no problem that was untill one hdd started to die in this setup the array just appears as one big hdd so trying to single out the dieing hdd was a nightmare and the interface to the Fake raid was pretty much non existant you couldent even do a smart check on an individual hdd in the raid. Because of this I would recomend software raid over fake raid ive used mdadm for linux and its great you get the same sort of performance as fake raid but with much more control. But thats linux I dunno what windows has in terms of software raid.

I dunno how good the software is for your fake raid but in general they are fairly poor.

If you just want a performance boost with no messing then the 7% performance boost is probably not worth the hart ache when something goes wrong.
On the other hand raid is pretty cool and if its 50% want the performance 50% want to play with something cool then its well worth a try.

Is there any real point to raid 0 two SSD´s for instaling the OS on? Such as two 128 GB samsung 840´s.