Question about Powerline Adapters!

Hello all. I have some questions about Powerline Adapters.


My girlfriend will be building her PC in a little over a week, we're in the process of snagging Black Friday deals throughout the few days here.


Here is the situation:


Her home PC is downstairs, connected to her router, which is connected to her modem.


Wireless is NOT the solution, I will burn myself alive before using wireless on a desktop, so please don't suggest this.


The PC she's building will be upstairs. Running an ethernet cable up the stars is not a solution, nor is drilling a hole through the floor. So, that's where Powerline Adapters come into play.


From what I understand, 2 of these adapters plugged into wall sockets (not power strips), will allow her to have a wired connection up to (500 Mbps (meaning 62.5 MB/s)) connection. That is more than enough to do everything needed, and higher than her network speed, so no bottlenecks there.


My question is, will this allow her to use her computer on the network as if it were a wired connection? Will I be facing any sort of port issues or drop outs or any sort of slowing down? I cannot STAND problems with wireless and locked down NAT settings and what not so I wanna make sure that these Powerline Adapters will act as basically ethernet extensions. From what I understand, they work great for gaming, streaming, and anything else.


Just wanna check in with others who have used these and how they are for gaming, streaming, general use, etc?

You are not going not  have 500 Mbps as advertised that's a peak , I have d link powerlines 500, they have way better coverage (signal) than the 200 I can download from my isp to 3 MB /s  no problem , no cuts , I play online , at least for me is a perfect solution.

I don't care about the 500 Mbps rating, I know I am not going to get that, Im well versed in advertised peak speeds vs real world speeds. What I mean is, it will allow her max out or get close to her max network speed (35 Mbps) in the sense that her speed won't be crippled by the power line adapter.

What I'm curious about is if they cause constant disconnects, drops, lag, latency, etc.

it will work fine. depends now on the quality of the wiring in the house but im sure you'll be ok.

I'm thinking of getting a pair of powerline adapters myself, though I live in an apartment. Does anybody know if that will add any complications?

everyone's home wiring and situation is different, but powerline adapters work great as-long as you have descent wiring in your home that's not 100 years old, or have some weird renovation addon with a shonkey wiring job you should be fine. if not, return the adapters and buy a 150m's of cat5e and run it through he roof.


in regards to dropouts, you should only have a dropout when either have a blackout, kick the adapter out of the wall by accident or your girlfriend unplugs one to plug in her phone charger. Speed diffrence-cable vs powerline, fuck all difference. on average from 50 tests each, i lost 2.4kbps download and had .2ms extra on my ping...