Question about old HDD!

I've got some 80GB maxtor from my old celeron 2.8 Mhz PC. It is using ATA/133 connection stuff. Can I use this HDD in my pc like mass storage for pictures or videos? I have m5a78L-M lx motherboard and sata3 500 GB WD caviar blue HDD. My mobo is sata2 but still I only use HDD so it doesn't have any difference in speeds. So can I do that?

You want to use a stone age IDE drive in a fairely mondern Motherborad : well the specs site i visited says that your m5a78L-M lx hasn't got IDE ports, so you would have to buy a Seriel AtA to IDE adaptor, which is going to cost you a little over 50 bucks, you can get a 500gb SATA drive for that money and the new drive is going to be 10x faster, easier to install , and new (the old 80Gb Maxtor might be on its last leg)

Don't use the old drive Unless you want to save files from the 80Gb.

i'm not sure about wether or not you can just plug it in with cables you already have

and i'm not sure it's worth bothering for that small and old of a drive

but an adapter only costs a few dollars on amazon