Question about old hardware, Alienware M14xR1 (I-7&gtx555m)

I switched over to MX Linux because I was using it on other devices and I just worked, but seeing as this laptop is old and still works pretty good I was hoping for the Linux Revive, but have run into a few issues that I either can’t seem to fix, if they are bypassable even at all?

I wanted to play Arma 3 on Linux and it seems that the GTX555m drivers only support up to OpenGL 4.0 and the game needs 4.1 lol, (don’t you just hate that?) I was wondering if there was a way around it?? Secondly I used Lutris and got GTA 5 to install via rockstar launcher version, heck even plays, but once again trying to switch over to GPU from IGPU is posing to be an issue. I seems that the driver doesn’t support Vulcan! I have used this device in windows and both games ran fine but truth I JUST HATE WINDOWS, it has gotten me to so many frustrated moments and ever since the 1903 update I was having tons of issues.

So is it possible to run MX Linux and Windows in a passthrough config on this Laptop or should I just give this fight up?

The i7 2630QM doesen’t have direct I/O so you can’t do hardware passthrough.