Question about mountpoints / should I reinstall my os

So for one, kek.

I’m playing with my msi again today and I decided to put pop on it. As an experiment, I set the spare space on my ssd to be partitioned and available in my home directory.

So you can see what I wanted to do. Or at least see what would happen (why not?). However, whereas the previous install logged in fine (I wanted to redo partitions), this logs in, the gpu tests its power modes so it can report them to x, then it lohs back out without any error. I have a feeling syslinux sees mountpoints in my home directory and nopes the fuck outta there, or I’m retarded.

Should I just reset and deal with the inconvenience? XD

Edit: I did make sure to chown the directories.

Mount points in your home dir shouldn’t cause a problem. What does fstab look like?

I wiped it. I thought to look at fstab and nothing was weird. I figure the installer freaked for a second and scrambled some files.

I’ll be reattempting that sorta setup later though.