Question about motherboard and graphics card

is this graphics card compatible with this motherboard if not please let me know because I think these are the ones im going to get if they work together



the will work but, the new raedon cards came out so you should get one of those, also what cpu are you paring it up with,because the 970 mobo is not the best.Also newegg usually has better deals on stuff :3

well its a terrible mobo, i would recommend not to go higher as a FX6300 on this board!!!

It isn't a terrible motherboard, it is just not designed for overclocking. It provides some excellent features such as support for two-card graphics systems running at x8 with PCI-e 2.0. This is quite useful, as most boards only support 2-way at x4 on both. However, your point is valid. I wouldn't recommend putting a chip with a particularly high TDP into this board, as the power delivery isn't as strong as I would prefer. A Phenom X4 965 Black is okay clocked to 4.5 GHz or so if you don't have to tweak the voltages by more than 10%. If you go further than that, there be monsters.

If it says PCI-e on both, then it will work, the version is of minor importance to the base functionality.