Question about L1T 1x4 DP KVM

I’ve got a couple of questions regarding the L1T 1 x 4 DP KVM (1.4 Display Port KVM Switch - Single Monitor - Four Computer — Level 1 Techs) regarding the USB ports as well as DP adapters in general

  1. Are the USB ports powered on the KVM and could support a USB dvd drive (the Apple ones)?
  2. Have there been any issues with USB sound cards switching inputs? I have a sound blaster USB external sound card that needs to switch between comptuers
  3. Any recommended HDMI or Thunderbolt to DP adapters to use with the KVM? One of the devices is going to be a new M1 Mac mini so I’ll need to adapt one of the outputs.

Cheers and thank you!

Tagging @wendell since it involves L1T gear!

1 amp max current, though you could use a powered usb (3) hub

I often recommend cheap AVC $5 dacs, those generally work fine. The KVM handles it fine. Whether your device driver handles it fine is another matter entirely. The focusrite i2i driver will happily bluescreen your pc if you switch inputs but that’s also true if you surprise remove it, no kvm involved …

for the mac mini a usb powered hdmi to DP converter works best, the m1 mac mini video out over usbc seems to have been an afterthought


@wendell Thank you soooo much! Definitely hugely helpful in planning out equipment, the L1T KVM is gonna be a linchpin for my setup heh

One last question I forgot about, I have a Logitech MX master 2 and I use the unify dongle, any issues plugging it in to the KVM and then switching inputs, any difference its between a power or unpowered USB Hub? I’m trying to get rid of a powered USB Hub if I can just desk space wise heh.

works well but be aware that all the coomputers ideally are running the same version of the logitech software (or none of them running the logitech software). Those devices can speak several protocols (some new, some legacy) so it can confuse the dongle if it has to switch back and forth between the different protocols

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I’ve been running the dongle via an iogear KVM (only 2 port, need a 4 port now) without running any of the Logitech software on any of the machines, so I basically have been doing what you suggested there already, just wanted to be triple sure there wouldn’t be any issues!

@wendell Your answer above “for the mac mini a usb powered hdmi to DP converter works best, the m1 mac mini video out over usbc seems to have been an afterthought” makes me wonder if I can get a dual monitor KVM setup going with an M1 Mac mini. They have a single HDMI, but the second needs to be from USBC. Is this a non-starter with your dual monitor DP KVMs?

I’m currently waiting for a 4 port, dual 1.4 DP to come in stock. But I might get impatient and get a 1.2 version.

I know it’s dicier through a KVM, but for reference, I’ve had my M1 mini connected directly to two Dell U2518Ds for months with no issues. One HDMI to HDMI the other USBC to DisplayPort.

And thanks, by the way, for selling some KVMs that don’t suck and supporting them. I haven’t used a KVM for years, but need one now. Google told me yours are my best chance for low frustration.

try it with a bidirectional usbc to dp cable, or the l1t KVM. I was told by someone the m1 mac ministruggles with dual displays(no kvm involved) but otherwise the kvm itself doesnt care

if it works in your scenario it is probably ok. just know you might need a bidirectional usbc cable. they seem to be more tolerant of the monitor being “unplugged” when you switch away.

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