Question about KVM gpu passthrough

Hey i was just wondering if there was anyway to have a dual monitor setup with linux using both the primary and secondary gpu, but when i needed it to the monitor would use the secondary gpu for windows rather than having one montior off all the time or having to constantly plug in cables whenever i wanted to use the VM. Is that what looking glass is for?

I have 2 monitors, and a DisplayPort cable out of my first (Linux host) GPU to each of them, and a DVI cable out of the second GPU (guest, windows or whatever) To one of them.
Then I just switch input to DVI when I activate the guest. This keeps the existing screens active and all laid out the same, but I have a physical switch on my monitor.
Because I don’t unplug anything, the session all remains the same. If I unplugged cables or whatever, I think the system would move everything that was on that screen into the other one?
I don’t know, I had the cables and the monitor switches :man_shrugging:

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