Question about implementing a NAS

I am going to be building a NAS for my home media server and also for doing backups. I live in a house with a couple geeks as well so I have been contemplating whether I would let them use it to backup some of their files. Obviously they would pitch in (Maybe a case of beer every now and then).

My questions is. Is it possible to partition the storage so that each person (3 in total) has access to their partition and only to their files? Maybe incorporate a username or a password that is known only to that user? Or maybe so that it is only accessible by a certain computer on the network? I want to make it so that each person can store whatever they want without the fear that someone is going to be snooping around. I am a University Student so I get a license to windows server if it is needed I just want to know if it is possible

Thanks for the help.

You could basically just create an account for each person. Then just have them make sure that the permissions are set the way they want them on each file.

Okay so say I upload a file. I would make it so that the owner (me) has full permissions and everyone else has none. So now I am the only one who can access it.

Is there a specific OS?

Pretty much anything will allow you to configure users and permissions. Have a look at FreeNAS, Open Media Vault, Rocstore, etc. Or just set up your own with whatever version of linux (or windows if you like) you want to use.

The only time I ever did a NAS set up I simply through a desktop version of Linux onto a really old computer. Installed and configured vsftpd, and ran the tasksel command to set up SSH

Alright, Thanks!