Question about HDD vibrations

So I bought a 1TB WD Blue (WD10EZEX model) a couple days ago to use as a secondary storage drive and it's vibrating soo much... Is this something I should worry about or is that just shit build quality or maybe my case's fault? I'm using a Seagate 500GB as my primary drive and it's perfectly quiet. My case is the CM N200 btw which doesn't have any anti vibration stuff for HDDs. And the vibration is actually quite hard, I can feel it when touching my case or even the table it's sitting on. Oh and also it sounds weird, as in it comes in and fades away. So yeah, please reply and thanks!

Assuming it's mounted properly already, just mount it with some rubber bands. Or it might be a bit defective.

that's what she said! badum pish

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I don't see how it can not be mounted properly... I guess I should just try to return in.

Mounted "properly" involves rubber tubes between the screw and the chassis' HDD frame, with the head of the screw and the hard drive's body's holes. This isolates the HDD -- because it will always produce -some- level of vibration. You can't spin metal discs and not produce vibration.

I meant screwed in all the way

Thing is, there are no "rubber tubes" that I can use. It's supposed to be mounted by just thumbscrews. Look at the N200 case yourself. I'd say it is mounted properly because my Seagate is mounted the exact same way and is silent.

Some HDDs are just louder than others. You might want to put a few dollars into silencing it, if it works just fine besides vibration.

One option:

A very different option:

Drive sounds messed up but if that is just the way it is..
Why would anyone pay $10 for just a tiny bit of silicone when you can buy a whole tube for less (people are stupid is why).

For fans you leave a gap, fill it and then when it's cured take the screws out.
For drives you don't have the space to play with but you do what you gotta.

That's gotta be janky as hell when you're done.

You mean using it again? Just gotta slice the tip off a bit usually

That depends entirely on the user and their level of cack-handedness. Clear looks better than white (unless you have white PC). You can create whatever shape you need and then apply it (and add a bit for adhesive), Doesn't have to be used in place which would more likely look a mess.

And why not spend the same or less on rubber hardware?

You cant buy cheaper than silicone sealant and you can re-do the bathroom at the same time ;)

From the look of the mounting the HDD will be passing its vibration straight into your case. This might be an issue with WD drives since they removed AAC a couple of years ago, meaning the drive runs at full speed when in use.

If the drive is making any bad noises (like clicking or grinding) you should probably get it replaced, but just vibration is to be expected.

my HD's vibrate in my external drive bays and all i do is nudge a folded piece of paper in there.

From what I can tell that drive has FOUR platters. Which is really kind of depressing in this day and age. But I would say that the drive is functioning correctly given that it has that many platters. If you want to mitigate some the sound, I believe that you can tell windows to put the drive to sleep after a longer period, or change the spin-up and spin-down times so they aren’t so sudden. Or do what everyone else is saying and just buy yourself a little bag of flat rubber washers around the same size as the heads of the drive screws. Or you could do what recording studios do and buy yourself some vibration isolation feet for your tower or just some racquet balls that you can halve and mount to the bottom of a piece of MDF or something.

Have you done a full HDD test on it?
If not, I suggest snagging UBCD so you have a collection of diagnostic software for this and anything else you may need to test in the future.

I have the same one. It can get a little noisy at times, but it's bearable for me. I have a Corsair 300R with the side panel open, and it's only distinguishable from fan noise under heavy load. Your HDD is probably fine, but you can try replacing it just to be on the safe side.