Question about games

For the holidays I am giving my family a working computer. Theirs just crashed and I have one sitting around that can play [email protected] or [email protected] youtube videos.

Its old, and here are the specs:

AMD Athlon XP 3200+
2x1gb of DDR 2700 ram total of 2gb
300w power supply
ATI Radeon x1550 AGP
40gb Western Digital SATA Hard Drive
Windows 7 32bit PRO

I am wondering what games this old machine can play at minimal settings; note they don't have to be new. Please note games that require SSE2 won't work. As some of the family does play some games.

Also I will give them a newer computer every year. Next year I have an Athlon x64 3200+ @2.3ghz (Slightly faster than the Pentium 4 3.4ghz with HT) with 2.5gb or 3gb 2700 ram.

As of right now the most powerful games they play is Minecraft and league of legends. But I like to know what games this machine can run in case they ask.

Elders Scrolls 3 - Morrowind will keep you occupied for a few hours.
Starcraft sould work
Unreal Tournament
Counter Strike
First Splinter Cell (should work)
Medal of Honor (possibly)
Call of duty 1 & 2 (and possibly 3)

Out of 3D games that I've actually played, I would expect all of these to run:

  • Battlefront (original)
  • Dawn of War
  • Empire at War

But I honestly have no idea if these require SSE2 and I can't seem to find that information quickly.

There are also lots of isometric strategy and simulation games that should be no problem.

I remember playing battlefront II and Oblivion on this computer so I know it can play those too.

I think Skyrim though crashes on it because it requires SSE2