Question about flying with an AIO cooled pc

Okay so I'm flying to LAN Syndicate, that's happening regardless. I WANT TO BRING MY PC WITH ME ON THE PLANE no airport scrubs touching my ITX "baby". I know the TSA nazi's limit liquid to 3.4oz per passenger.

So I have four questions
1. How much liquid is in a Corsair h80i?
2. How can I drain AND fill it again it if its over 100ml?
3. Should I just FedEx it to someone in seattle?
4. just dont tell TSA shitheads there is liquid in it and go on my merry way
it should fit in a backpack easily

Probably safer overall to just throw in a low profile heatsink

Otherwise I suppose you could drain it if possible and just throw in some distilled water you can grab at any local corner store for the weekend, not sure how well draining and refilling an AIO will work though

probably best not to bother trying to stuff past the TSA

I would ask your airlines that you're flying on first. TSA lets you bring computers no problem. But as long as it can fit in an overhead bin.

Also some airlines let you bring "cary-on's" that wont fit in the bin and you put them at the gate.

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yeah that was secondary option, need something that can handle a10-5800k AND be shorter than 61mm or 2.4in

Zalman something, 15 bucks

Noctua low profile giant thing, dunno if it'll fit your motherboard, 40 bucks

You could also just reattach your stock heatsink

If your case has a PSU bracket what you can do is reverse mount your PSU in it with some long screws, the ones for fan mounting should work fine, and then you can fit a large heatsink in the case, at least your case looks similar to the elite 130 from coolermaster

heatsink in the picture is basically the same size as a Hyper 212, it's the dark knight 2 from xigmatek, also I managed to mount a micro ATX motehrboard in the case, can't use a side panel sadly, although CM did post it to their facebook page, so that was neat

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nope, gave it away sadly, however I do have 8320 stock heatsink but is like 2mm too tall, might just low profile fan

just replace the fan on that one ya, should work fine, dunno what the size of the fan is though


sure it's not 80? this fan looks pretty good, from a 2 second google search

You could possibly always zip tie another slim fan like a 120mm onto it somehow

nope, not sure

that was alternate plan, might do that now