Question about ASUS 1150 WS boards

I have a question regarding ASUS' 1150 workstation boards, basically it's a simple question but the video logan did with jj didn't quite seem to answer it.

The P9D-WS board will take both Xeon CPUs and ECC-ram, however the Z87-WS will not apperantly?

I read somewhere that asus added Xeon support to the Z87-WS now but no ECC-ram yet, is it possible for asus to add this should they want to in the future (via a bios update just like xeon support) or is it not technically possible to add ECC-support trough an update.

Also if my observation is incorrect please let me know as well.

P.S. it would be awesome if this could get an answer from JJ or something (not sure if JJ is still monitoring or not but he said he'd have people watch the forum so I assume they will see this since it has ASUS right there in the topic)

P.S.S. if there is a better place to post this please move it there, if this was already answered let me know (I couldn't find the search option for some reason o.o)

ECC is utilised by an EDAC curcuit,since they moved the memory controller to the cpus they also moved the EDAC circuit to the cpus as well.

If the board supports Xeons it should theoretically support ECC ram.

The easiest way to know would be e-mailing ASUS customer support.

May i ask why you would be needing ECC ram ?

Making a home server that'll work as a NAS, seedbox and for remote VMs. (see )

Thanks for the answer, I'll see if I can get a hold of asus' cs.

Got an answer from Asus today and it turns out that while this board DOES support Xeon CPUs and xeon CPUs DO support ECC ram the BIOS will not allow the ECC to run, while it will still boot and work fine you will be wasting money because error correction will NOT work with the bios.