Question About Android: Can You Copy A Fully Configed OS to Another Tabled

Question About Android: Can You Copy A Fully Configed OS to Another Tablet?


At my intership today in a computershop. I heard that there was another order with 300 Asus tablets comming next week. This is order 2, order one had only 150 tablets and was already delivered. I got real tired of these things. Here is a short list with the steps I had to do 150 times:

  1. Go through the standard installation of the OS.
  2. Login with the companies google account.
  3. Download some apps.
  4. Login with one of these apps on the secure ftp server of the company.
  5. Logout from the companies google account.
  6. Let my colleague check everything.
  7. Let the tablets charge.

This really is a short list. Now if possible I would like to configure one tablet and "copy paste" this tablet to the other ones. Like you do with computers by making everything a iso and then installing from that iso to another pc.

  1. Configure one tablet with the steps above.
  2. Let colleague check everything.
  3. Copy paste or backup and restore etc. this configured tablet to the other ones (this is the magic step i need to know).
  4. Let the tablets charge.

I hope I explained that well enough.

The tablet is something allong the lines of a Asus MeMo pad. I can't recall the exact name right now if needed I will post a update tomorrow.

Android version: Jellybeans 4.1 or later (this depands on what the instructions for next week will be).

Thank you for your time,