Question about a WD hard drive model

OK, i can get this hard drive really really cheap...
When i say cheap i mean less than 50,-Euro, meaning cheaper than a 1TB...
But it is branded MediaMax by WD and it's said to be "made" for video recording and DVR and whatever...
My question is:
Is there a difference between every day storage use for this hard drive? Can i just use it as a storage or every day drive or whatever? Why it is branded as DVR recording drive and what is the differences with the standard drive?

There's usually not much difference. But, if the price is to good to be true, then your buying a used hard drive.

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Well, it's a promo price, but i see your point...
So there will be no issue if i just use it as a standard PC drive? Storage mainly. Have SSD for boot and WD Black for other stuff...

Probably not. The greens tend to have a spin down thing. But most are fine for whatever.

Drives sold to far below price are almost always used even when sold as new. There was some people who bought hgst drives at a cheap price and that's exactly what they were.

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Fun fact: The same store sells even cheaper HGST 2TB drives :D
So is your advice to get brand new or just to test it out and be careful?

If you know you can return them go ahead. Keep in mind apparently some of these drives have the smart data altered to try and hide that they're old.

Drives aren't overly expensive so I usually just buy new from Amazon so I have a guaranteed return on them.