Question about a power supply and EVGA ACX 780TI

So I recently bought this GPU: and I have this PSU: . I really like the card and it performs great....but for some reason when I run Unigine Valley Benchmark my computer turns off and the turns back on again. The other Unigine benchmarks seem to work fine. This issue also happened while I was playing Borderlands 2, which leads me to believe that it is a hardware issue. I did read that the card needs a psu that has "a minimum of 42 amps on the +12 volt rail," I am unsure if linked PSU meets that requirement. Thank you for your help!

It has two +12 volt rails, one at 23A and one at 26A.

You need a new power supply. If you were to post a budget it would be easier to recommend one.

This would be a good power supply for the price:

would it be harmful if I run it for say, a week without a new one?

and something less than $100 I guess, price isn't much of a problem

No it shouldn't cause any damage. However if you are going to be running anything that really taxes the GPU, like a benchmark or a demanding game, the GPU will draw too much power and shut the system off.

You were incredibly helpful, thank you so much!