Questing for Keyboards


Logan, Wendell, I loved the recent videos on mechanical keyboards, and it just so happens I'm on a quest to find a better keyboard for my PC.

I'm using a white MS Natural Keyboard, the ergonomic split design which I find far more comfortable than regular keyboards. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find ANY gaming keyboards with this ergonomic design. Its painful to use a regular keyboard as I've gotten so used to the split design.

Do you know of any good split ergonomic keyboards which are good for gaming and aren't too expensive?

Thanks in advance to you or anyone in the forums who can help.

--Mike "TheZorch" Haney

TECK, and Ergo Dox.

Hi Mike,
Maybe two keyboards are in your future. I work from home, and basically ended up with two rigs, after developing on a mac, and wanting to game. The mac for development, where I have a split keyboard - microsoft ergonomic split, and my entertainment / gaming rig, where I have Corsair K65 w/ cherry mx reds. I am liking the Corsair a lot, and thinking about picking another to give it a run on my development rig.

I seem to remember a Qain video where he reviewed the ultimate ergonomic keyboard out there. The kenesis advantage.

That kinesis advantage keyboard looks neat

There are so called Split Keyboards around with mechanical switches:

for example

its maybe similar in handling like the ergonomic ones, you dont have to have youre hands near to each other.