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Quest To Learn To Play The Piano

So on an impulse plus a little envy I decided to take piano lessons and bought a keyboard. I have not played an instrument before, at least seriously.

I got a book to go with it and went through the first few pages to get one position down. So far I have just learned one position for the left hand and the right hand. Right now I am just getting the feel for hitting the right note for the right finger. I will be taking lessons every Monday.


Oh, that’s nice. Piano is on my short list as well. I went at it with a good friend of mine who’s studying music with singing and piano as main classes and dove head first into Fuchs’s November. Very interesting, but way above what i can do.
I took a year of organ lessons when i was younger so that helped a bit.

As a musician, the best tip i can give is: Look for songs you want to play and try to figure them out. Lessons are great for the basics, but nothing motivates like trying to play something you really, really like. So, if you really like marc cohn’s walking in memphis intro, try to figure out by ear how he plays that.
Listening and trying to figure stuff out by just listening to the original will help you develop an ear for music really fast and will be an invaluable skill for the rest of your musical life.

I wish you the best and good luck on your journey.


Seconded with trying out songs you want to play.

For me, it was bitpop / video game music that got me started (like Bubble Bobble, Faxanadu and other annoying songs getting stuck in your brain), though I wasn’t quite satisfied until I could play some Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy songs… Kingdom of Zeal is really HARD to master unfortunately due to really strange rythm, but Frog’s Theme and To Far Away Times (e.g. ending song) from Chrono Trigger were both surprisingly easy. For more classical pieces, there are a few like Green Leaves (a.k.a. Kings Quest theme song) and the first part of Moonlight Sonata that are quite easy to learn. Don’t try the whole thing though it will give you nightmares. :laughing:

Other good tips are the four magical chords that make up like 80-90% of all pop music, learn notes they are not required but really helps, and have fun, best way to learn. Best of luck to ye! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @wertigon @domsch1988, I am still at the early basics so far but I think that is a good goal. If I can improve my skill to play a song I like. I have always liked the Tropico music but that may not be possible without a band lol. There are some older games though I bet I could find a song sheet to play when I get good enough. Next monday I will be going to my second lesson.

You’d be surprised how far a single instrument can get you, oftentimes there are YouTubers out there that put together piano arrangements of your favorite game. Try searching for " piano" and see what you get! :grin:

Anyway, like I said, best of luck! Another easy one is Jolly Rogers bay from SM64, quite iconic…

Gonna see if I devote Sunday and Monday to learning the piano if I make the progress I want. I fear forgetting things the other days I am not doing anything with it but I also fear being thrashed by context switching?

Try to give the piano 10 - 15 minutes a day for off days. It helps a lot.

As long as you’re playing something you are improving in some way.

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I will give that a try. Shouldn’t be a big deal just for 10 min.

Went to my second lesson today. I found that the book no longer has the notes inside the note. It was a little awkward. So I have decided to go the route of just remember what line each note is on. They said you could either just look at the delta between notes or remember each line. I decided in the long run if I just know by looking then I don’t have to track state in my head of where I am.

Just read that learning to play an instrument and learn a language is good for your brain. I hope I am not too late to the party being in my early 20’s?

Not sure what that means

That’s probably the most common approach. And yes, it’s a lot like learning a language with a new Alphabet (russian maybe). You are currently learning all the new letters.
After some time, your brain will start to recognize patterns and chords like words, by just looking at them. You’ll relatively soon recognis a Cm Chord or a A-Major Chord and your hands know what to do. Just like you don’t think about how to say individual words.
It takes some time, and everyone is a little different in how they do it, but it works a lot like learning a language.

Surely not. In general, being older means you’ll learn a little slower. But i you often make up for that through work. You are able to be more focused than many kids are.
I’ve personally seen my mother learn guitar at age 50. Took her around a year to get really good. Not to different from kids i’ve seen. She just started 40 years later. You’re never to late.

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