Querry! (replacement for Siberia v2 D3)

Hey guys, I've got a pair of Siberia Sv2's the Diablo 3 edition ones. They were bought for me as a gift.
They're in great condition, however, the cord to usb connector is faulty at best guess. Sound in one ear is dead, but the other ear is fine. However if I wriggle the cord around the sound returns, so obviously is a faulty connection but it's a braided cord. The cord lays flat on my desk, and never moves, I don't understand how this could have happened! It's out of warranty as it's only one year, do I try to get them replaced or do I try to fix it myself?

If worst comes to worst, I'm looking for a replacement do you have any suggestions for a replacement? I'm strapped for cash right now, 50-100$ is my price range.


Try tapping the wire to isolate where on the cable the problem lies. Hopefully all you will need to do is cut a wire and solder some things back together. 

I don't have a solder iron, it's right where the cable joins the usb connector at the end of the cable. I've not stripped a braided cable before haha.

without an iron, its new headphones. but you may be in for that anyway because those have an integrated volume control, if that is messed up, it is pretty much over if your soldering skills are low. you can check before and after the volume control with a continuity checker from wal-mart ( about $2)


But you might want to ask your friends and family if ANYONE can solder. There might even be a 'brick and mortar' pc repair shop near by that might be willing to fix your headphones for a few bucks.