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Qubes OS Part 1: Overview and Features | Level One Techs


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you still have the ux32vd? my god, mine's bending keyboard is broken by now, i use the upgraded memory in my pfsense router now and bought me a surface book as well. thank you for suggesting something i can do with this thing :slight_smile:



Looking forward to this! I've had an interest in Qubes for a long time, haven't checked in on the project in quite a while.



you would be surprised just how much hardware I can make use of through all the folks I work with :stuck_out_tongue:

like most things, we'll be using the ux32vd till the prcoessor falls out or intel offers insanely way faster ipc mobile cpus



The concept of using compartmentalization to interact with with external systems finally got through my thick skull.

As someone that has not run anything other than Windows Firewall for 3+ years without much issue, I never saw the need. I wonder if this will be necessary anytime soon. It never hurts to learn this stuff, even before one needs it.



I am surprised how beautiful it sits there, mine is so battle scarred. The Hardware is still great, can you make it push out 4k on 60Hz by combining output channels? I only got 30Hz to work. That would be amazing for this OS, oh my.



This is exciting. It never occurred to me that this is what I've been unconsciously trying to attain to with all my multiple boots and nonsense but it amounts to pretty much the same thing : if one won't work I simply use another. Hmmm... Is 128 GB enough RAM? I really need to look into this more! :grinning:



Qubes OS vs malware.



I guess my evening will be consumed with installing Qubes OS now. just need to get backups and snapshoting for all these VMs working and ill be in business in no time.



Never heard of qubes os before, but will be definitely trying it out when I find the time. Looking forward to future videos and learning more about the possibilities of the os.



Holy hell, I can't believe this exists. The whole concept satisfies my ocd and solves so many issues I've had with proprietary software. Unfortunately I'm currently running a pc with an i5 4670k and a 980, which to my knowledge doesn't benefit much if at all from Qubes because of the lack of vt-x and vt-d support. Guess I'll stick with dual-booting Windows 10 and running Fedora on proprietary nvidia drivers for now until I get the money to switch to a Vega GPU and a ryzen 7 cpu :cry:



@wendell Just found out that there is one opensource implementation of live migration available:
However activating that feature has various downsides. For example containers cannot modify any kernel settings and Docker containers or Ubuntu snaps don't seem to work either (my hosting provider has the same restrictions :frowning: ). This is due to the fact that with OpenVZ (and hence Virtuozzo) so-called "containers" have to share the same kernel as the host.

according to ark you have vt-x. so accelerated virtualisation without PCI-passthrough is still possible though.



Expressing a strong interest!

I know nothing about Qubes so far.

I see the potential.

Looking forward to the next video!

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How To: Fix EFI_MEMMAP is not enabled when installing Qubes

  • Update RUFUS to latest version 3.14 as of this post.
  • Select DD image onto USB drive


Are you sure? My i5 2500k has vt-x support afaik...



yeah, there's a bunch of (all?) 4xxx-k series CPUs that don't have vt-d support (while the non-k SKUs do). It should support VT-x though.



Tried to install it three times unsuccessfully, first it didn't like my nvidia graphics card, then spent the rest of my time trying various fixes to get uefi booting working. In the end gave up, my MSI motherboard seems to be picky about the efi boot partitions some installers create. :frowning: considering trying a kickstart script with a newer kernel...

May be @wendell can provide some insights on these problems in another part?



I'm not sure I'd consider this a Linux distro because it's actually using the Xen hypervisor. I do see where you're going with it because it does use Linux for Dom0 but Idk what I'd call it...although probably not a Linux Distro. If it was using KVM for everything that'd be more of a Linux distro IMO. Don't mind me...I just have a tendency to be pedantic about things.

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that pedantry was the joke in the beginning? :smiley:



O_O...I might have missed that joke then

EDIT: SHHH I TOTALLY NOTICED THAT...I promise I didn't just go back and face palm really really hard...

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