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Quantum development advice


Hello my fellow computer people!

I’m reaching out on behalf of someone’s I know who’s truly brilliant. The person is a very talented computer programmer, has a strong acuity for advanced mathematics, and a deep understanding of quantum theories. In addition to being able to apply extremely advanced mathematics to computer science principles and then relate those to resolving real world problems.

To be honest this young man is the real deal.

Now, I’m a humble sysadmin, but know about all of the above to a dangerous level, or at least enough to recognize when someone is “for real.” This is one of this people.

He is a second year university student getting a bachelors degree in computer science, but to be honest - imo he is already running circles around the whole program.

Finally I asked him - what do you want to do. No kidding he says he want to write advanced data structures for quantum computing and interested in writing software for quantum computers. I was like “okay… so how do we get you in a position to do that?”

I put him onto Microsofts Q# and IBMs opensourced Python sdk for quantum computing. But for real - I really think this young man is one of those gifted people who could help move the world forward. Like a pioneer if the quantum frontier.

So I ask the community of people here, Do you have any advice I can pass along or places to point him to get him started in the right direction?

I’ve considered recommending a visit to 1851, but I figured I’d get more input before going that route.

I wouldn’t be wasting your time if this person wasn’t the real deal, so any advice I can pass along would be very much appriciates.


Salty sysadmin cotton.


Now I deeply despise Lockheed Martin, but this is kinda a fast track to where I think your friend wants to go:

USC program backed by Lockheed:


Thanks! I’ll pass this along.