Quantum Computing and Simulations: Science vs. Pop-Science Journalism

Scott Aaronson and Zach Weinersmith are spot on with this quantum computing based expose of pop-journalism in Science! The strips are brilliantly done, and captures the frustration we as researchers feel every time we have to hear yet another YouTube expert blabber on and on about consciousness, singularity (the mother load of bad science fiction) and killer-robots that will solve all our problems and then kill us all! The point is pretty simple -- scientific facts are more nuanced than you think, and don't believe every random over-generalized fairy tale you read in the latest issue to "X-treme Tek" or [insert name here]!

Kinda reminds me of the monumentally fucked up things Elon Musk says, and the million and one fanboys who drink his kool-aid! For instance, the hilariously pseudo-biological argument that he has been laying on anyone who would listen about The Simulation Hypotheses!

There's a name for your argument, Musk... and that's "Intelligent Design". But one can see that Musk's terrible conception of Physics may have ulterior motivations!

Anyway, I thought I would post the links to both of these amazing pieces!