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Quality Non RGB Case fans for LianLi o11

Just ordered LianLi Dynamic o11.

I tried to find good quality and quiet fans but it seems all famous brands do only RGB fans with each of their own RGB hub. The hub and extra cables is a pain to deal with plus I don’t need the bloatware in my system.

What are my options? Noctua NF-P12 redux-1700PWM is available here if I am willing to wait. I was thinking to maybe order three those, but are those good for case fan use?

Probably wouldn’t be too bad, but, per Noctua these fans are the best for case cooling:

  • NF-S12A
  • NF-S12B
  • NF-A12

I personally love Noctua fans. They are very high quality, quiet, and I personally have not had any issues with mine.


Why not the 140mm? One less cable if rgb is a clutter, fan hub not necessary
Noctua NF-A140 PWM
Corsair ML140 140mm
Arctic BioniX F140

I’ve used two of the three fans, the corsair and noctua are quiet and very capable. The arctic is next on my list and I dont think it will be inferior to the others.

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those are great too.
I need to mount my 360 rad on top, so only left with 120 options

I decided to go with 3X Noctua – nf-s12 a

On bottom I probably mount a pair of existing fans that I have, leaving the RGB cable disconnected.

Arctic P12 or P14 depending on the size…
Arctic BioniX F series or P series, bit they have a color strip on them so you may not like them as much.

Oh, I’m too late…


Thanks, anyway good for the future!

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I would also suggest Be Quiet! Silent Wings 3, but I see the dice was already thrown.

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