Hi Logan,

I'm a teenager and am now at the stage of choosing UNI courses or college for you but anyway. I was just wondering if you have any suggestions. I'm mostly into basically all the stuff which is on the channel and know a little bit of code but I'm thinking of staying away from something like software engineering because i think that it might be a bit boring. I would also like to know what kind of qualifications/ degrees that you have. thanks.

Well what are you into at school? If you are not interested and/or good at maths and physics, the chances are electrical engineering (the key discipline behind most hardware stuff in computers) and engineering in general is not for you. If it is, then great. I'm not terribly sure how else to get into hardware etc. 

In terms of games, you could do graphic design, learn to do 3D modelling etc. if you aren't interested in programming, but that would probably be about the extent of game design.

I'm an A student in Maths, Physics and Chemistry so thats all fine. I also like CAD (computer aided drawing) but i see that as more of a hobby than a profession.