Qualcomm Project

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I watched the Qualcomm videos and saw where the Tek Syndicate team was using a diy board to process video footage and recognize QR codes. I was curious if anyone could point me to the resources that they used to achieve that, whether through a library or research paper. It would be a huge help since it pertains to a side project I am working on while in University.


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(Update) - Thanks for the quick reply Wendell. To anyone else interested, I ended up using an open source library called zxing which is native to java and android which made it much easier to implement.

Python and zbar :)


Did you mentioned using opencv as well? Or was that not needed in this?

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Thank You! Unfortunately it's not implemented in Java. I think I will be able to use the Android NDK toolkit on the C source to make it work. Should be a fun bit of work.

yesopen cv too for deskew

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