Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c Vending Machine Hack Part 2 | Hangry Nerds VS The Community | Tek Syndicate

Thanks to Qualcomm & The Tek Community for making this happen! We had a great time building the app & working with the software on QDN. For more info on the products we used click below:

Snapdragon Profiler - http://bit.ly/2dbD3Kr
App Tune-up Kit - http://bit.ly/2dbC0dy
Store: http://epicpants.com, Music: http://bit.ly/Trk2ik
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/teksyndicate
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I thought this video was going to say more. It should have been added to part 1. So lame.very disappointed

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..... I bet Qualcomm was sooo happy to see how very many people showed up to this enormous event........

.... just .... wow

Great Stuff :)

ok this has been bothering me since the game was released. How do you beat level 3?

My strategy:
throw out the first bird just over the box and IMMEDIATELY throw the next and keep spamming birds BEFORE it goes underground

tricky to do but thats how I did it

Now if only we could have Tek Tonic vending machines plastered on every street corner in the country... Kinda like Japan...

I guess I'll just be playing Hangry Nerds for the sake of throwing Wendell-senpai at stuff.

ok, I figured it out. Use the Logan bird to make the badger thing go underground, then using the Qain birds, make the stone explode by launching a Qain bird and quickly tapping to make him explode.

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Anyone in Portland wanna test out a glitch I found

What I got from the two videos .. (shared on YouTube already under the 1st part)

"I owe it to @wendell to learn or try to learn to do something that is way past anything I have done with a pc or similar before. I just am afraid to fail and don't have the support system to lift me up when I fail but I must try on my own to do something different with tech. I feel excited when I hear Wendell talk of these things he has done and heck he did this one with help from the community but because I don't have the skills I wasn't even looking at this going on. Honestly also in the video I had a basic understanding of what was done but I didn't understand the programs and OSes used to get it done. I don't feel stupid or anything. I just feel that I wish I could be more of a part of what Wendell and others are about when it comes to tech. The thing is I don't know where to start. It just seems so overwhelming to me. I need a project to work on that requires a very low budget and requires just newb skills. Dirt poor so yeah $$ is a factor ....

Anyway like others have said what a time for this video to come out because Tek Syndicate as we know it with these three together is dead. Oh what could have been. :S

I await @wendell giving us a full time YouTube channel and message boards to be on and hopefully he does some live stuff sometimes other than Team PGP.

As for Qain I support him through Patreon and hope to get a better idea of when his content is up and when I want to watch it or read it. I have a daily thing where I kind of know what to expect from another Patreon guy and that is Jim Sterling. I am just saying I look forward to when things are more stable for Qain and @wendell.

Blah blah blah ... great video but it is also a WUT? video as this being released now is just so sad and messed up."

As for what I said under the part deux .....

"So who are the people in the community that are on the message boards on the Tek Syndicate site that participate in this? I just want to know if I recognize any of the names. Btw congrats on completing this successful and cool project. Now like I said under the other video before this someone point me to something simple to start with that I could work on but realize I have no real programming experience, was a fail at using Linux (Red Hat .. a really old version of it) but yes I can build a pc .... :S."

PS: @wendell I said I would share my son installing that cpu you sent him and it will happen. There will be a build log. I am just waiting for us to have a camera once again to use that would provide good pics and I await you having your own message boards to post it on.

surely you mean 'nerds'