Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c Hacking, Snapdragon Profiler, App Tune-up Kit, Game Creation, Vending Machine Hack | Wendell, Qain, & Logan | Tek Syndicate

but can it run crysis?


that video was top notch.

Now I'm sad that we won't get anything like this anymore, aside of part 2.

That is what we could have had, instead, we got sadness and outrage...

isn't Hungry Nerds already a game?

Yup https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teksyndicate.tekkybirds

This is cool. I wouldn't mind seeing more projects of this sort.

Did you come across any limitations of the dragonboard?

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@wendell I think you mean the Snapdragon 820 (at 2:59) :P

How are you liking the HTC 10? It's my daily driver at the moment.

And to at least try and stay on topic, I liked the video. Would love to see projects more like this.

If you can get more sponsored videos like this do it! This was epic.

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Was gonna say, the editing in this video is much much better then what we normally see.

Logan probably did it

Fullscreen. Though I did a rough cut I like better that is nerdier. It may yet see the light of day. A tale of two snapdragons and. More back story on why a soda machine for the internet of things. Because the soda machine from CMU all those years ago.


The editing seemed to be better with this video which is nice. I will say though I didn't like the video overall. It was just too short to really cover everything like it should have. Hopefully you all have more to do with this as it is an interesting project that deserves more time to explain and show off.

I just caught part 2 of this project. (Don't understand why it was two real short vids instead of one medium one?) But either way I have to say the project was really fucking cool. I'm still amazed with all the really awesome stuff you can do with small scale hardware (DragonBoards/Raspberry Pi's ect)

Moar plz....

Tnx u guise... <3

This video was really cool and well put together! I wish you guys could continue to do more of this.